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Don't let symptoms hold you back

Cushing's disease is a complex condition that may result in significant physical and emotional symptoms. It is important that you do not let these symptoms change the way you feel about being around other people or in certain situations.

It's not easy, but keep Cushing's disease from changing who you are as a person by remembering that it causes an imbalance in your body chemistry. By keeping this in mind and following a few helpful tips, you may be better able to limit how Cushing's disease affects your life.

Tips that can help you minimize the impact of Cushing's disease on your life
Write a list of things or situations that have become upsetting since you have had Cushing's disease
  • Think of ways to limit the effect of each thing or situation in your life
  • Decide which of these you can learn to deal with and which should be avoided
Think of the things that give you pleasure and be sure to focus on them
  • Make time in your life to enjoy these things
  • Try to find ways of incorporating them into other situations
Take action to regain a sense of control
  • Taking care of your body leads to physical benefits and helps empower you to feel that you can do something about your situation
    • Exercising or taking up a physical activity can promote weight loss and cardiovascular health and can become a social activity when done with a group
    • Eating healthy can help prevent some complications
    • Please talk to your doctor before starting a diet and/or exercise program
  • Learn as much as you can about Cushing's disease so that you are in a better position to make informed decisions
Be patient with yourself and others
  • You don't have to let Cushing's disease take over your life, but you have to remember that it affects you
  • Let people know how Cushing's disease affects you physically and emotionally so that they better understand what you are going through

How to speak with others about Cushing's disease

Nobody wants to be defined by their disease, so it is important that you feel comfortable speaking with others about Cushing's disease if and when you want to. You may not feel comfortable doing this with everyone, but people are more understanding when they know what you have been going through.

Tips for speaking with people about Cushing's disease:

  • Decide who should know about your condition
  • Decide what information to share with each person
  • Plan what you want to say and get help if you need it
    • By being prepared, you can speak clearly about the most important topics
    • Information may be available from your doctor, patient groups, or Web sites like this one

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