An education & support program to help manage Cushing's disease.
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Taking control of your emotions

Talk to your doctor about your symptoms

Following a diagnosis of Cushing's disease, it may take several months or longer to notice symptom improvement.

This can be challenging, but you can bring your emotional symptoms to your doctor's attention so they can be addressed.

Learn all you can about Cushing's disease

Although it is a rare condition, there is a lot of information about Cushing's disease on the Internet (such as this Web site) and in other sources. By learning as much as you can about Cushing's disease, you can partner with your healthcare team to help get control over your health. Information about the symptoms of Cushing's syndrome may also apply to the symptoms of Cushing's disease (remember, Cushing's disease is a form of Cushing's syndrome). Always check with your doctor before changing the way you manage your symptoms.