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Helping someone who is living with Cushing's disease

The following questions are asked less frequently by people who have Cushing's disease or by their caregivers.

General topics
Q: Who is at risk for Cushing's disease?
A: There are no known risk factors for Cushing's disease, but it affects women more commonly than men and is most common in people aged 20 to 50 years.
Q: Why do people get Cushing's disease?
A: It is not clear why some people develop the pituitary tumor that causes Cushing's disease.
Q: Why aren't people more aware of Cushing's disease?
A: It is an extremely rare condition and has symptoms that are commonly associated with other medical conditions. For these reasons, physicians tend to overlook it at first.
Signs and symptoms of Cushing's disease
Diagnosing Cushing's disease